Coffee or Tea: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

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Tea and coffee are some of the most popular drinks in the world. Aside from drinking these beverages for their tasty flavors, many people consume coffee and tea for the health benefits. Both drinks have been linked to weight loss, but many wonder which is most effective.

Coffee or Tea: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

Coffee or Tea: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

Green tea is most often associated with weight management, but all types of tea have beneficial antioxidants and compounds linked to keeping weight in a healthy range. The catechins in tea are thought to be responsible for encouraging the body to burn more fat.

Caffeine has also been proven to positively affect weight, which is why many people looking to shed pounds drink one to three cups of coffee per day. Tea contains caffeine as well, but its caffeine levels depend on whether it’s black, green, or white tea.

Two other natural compounds in coffee, mannooligosaccharides and chlorogenic acids, are beneficial for losing weight. The latter is a polyphenol that’s similar to tea’s catechins, while mannooligosaccharides are a kind of fiber.

The Final Verdict

You can drink either tea or black coffee for weight loss, but tea has more scientific research to proves its effectiveness. By no means should you think that plain coffee doesn’t work as well, it simply hasn’t been studied nearly as much as tea.

Those who are sensitive to caffeine should opt for coffee that’s decaffeinated, green tea, or white tea — this is especially important if you plan to drink more than 3 cups of tea or coffee each day.

Also note that to derive the most weight loss benefits from coffee, it should be black. In other words, plain coffee without sugar, milk, or creamer is best for losing weight. You should buy a good coffee maker to be able to drink it black and actually enjoy it. If you have a crappy coffee machine, it will be very hard to enjoy it.

The same goes for any type of tea. If you’re looking for a natural way to stimulate weight loss and keep your calorie count down, tea and black coffee are great options.

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